It’s That Day…

Today is the 20th of April. In other words, 4/20. Today is an unofficial holiday for all proponents and aficionados of marijuana. The smell of cannabis is likely permeate the air tomorrow, especially where I live, since not only will I be on a college campus, but a college campus in the Northwest, at that.

For whatever reason, the number 420 has become iconic for those members of cannabis culture. This perhaps began with the notion that 4:20 in the afternoon was the optimal time to get high. It is to the extent that 420 has become a commonplace euphemism for smoking marijuana.

the silent killer.

Personally, I’ve never had much interest in smoking marijuana; alcohol has always been my drug of choice, as it has the advantages of being legal and not filling my clothes with an unpleasant telltale aroma. I don’t particularly support the use of marijuana, but at the same time I don’t oppose it. Nor do I see why there is such a fierce backlash against the drug, particularly here in the United States. In fact, I once wrote a paper in which I argued for the legalization of marijuana )I’m not sure whether or not my teacher agreed with me or not, but in any case he seemed to like the paper).

Not surprisingly, 4/20 usually sees a fair amount of protesting or demonstration in favor of legalizing marijuana. This has not been in vain, apparently, as some progress has been made, particularly in Canada, and more recently in Denver. Rather progressive for a red-state city, I must say.

While I myself won’t be partaking in any of the 4/20 festivities, I know there are many out there who will. I may, however, just have to eat a few bowls of Captain Crunch.


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