A great way to kill time (and zombies)

Anybody who enjoys a good zombie-killing spree (and who doesn’t?) should check out Zombie Grinder, and simple yet extremely addictive flash game created by Olle Hemmendorff. Essentially, you control a fat bald man with a shotgun who runs from left to right blasting zombies. The game features a nifty effect–namely, the screen scrolls at different speeds according to the tempo of the music. Said music is composed primarily of high-speed Grindcore, which means that the game moves along quite fast (at least most of the time). There are, of course, those who might find the music a bit hard to stomach. Those people are weak. They will be the first to be devoured when the invasion of the walking dead begins.

If you like slaughtering zombies to the furious tune of blastbeat-ridden Grindcore, then Zombie Grinder was made for you.


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