Tourette’s Guy: In Pace Requiscat

I recently (i.e. five minutes ago) came across some sad news. Danny, known and loved by millions as the Tourette’s Guy, passed away yesterday from complications of an injury sustained in an automobile internet. I discovered this from an official statement on the Tourette’s Guy website. According to the statement, the administration of the Tourette’s Guy website will be releasing a DVD compilation of all the videos from the website, along with one final unreleased video. All proceeds collected from sales of the DVD will go to Danny’s family.

A caricature of the late Tourette's Guy

The Tourette’s Guy was one of my favorite internet celebrities–as unwitting as his fame might have been–and he will be sorely missed.


1 Response to “Tourette’s Guy: In Pace Requiscat”

  1. 1 settlesdown
    August 27, 2008 at 10:02 pm

    Yeah, even if the tourette’s thing was fake; it was still funny as SHIT. Best line of his has to be, “You can go down to Jolly Pirate Donut’s and take a 2hr SHIT for all I care!”

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