Another One Bites the Dust

2007 has not been a great year for some of my favorite Norwegian metal bands. Sure, this year saw the release of Mayhem’s fourth LP (Ordo Ad Chao), but the losses have outnumbered the gains. Three of my favorite bands have split up over the course of 2007.

First to go was Arcturus, who split up in April. The news of their disbanding came in a suitably dramatic fashion; vocalist Simen Hestnæs (a.k.a. ICS Vortex) opened the band’s concert in Melbourne, Australia by welcoming the audience to the “last Arcturus show ever.” The band later reiterated the announcement on their website, and Arcturus, one of the world’s finest avant-garde metal bands was no more. I (along with many, many others) was sad to see them go.

Tsjuder, a three-piece band playing straightforward black metal in the style of early Immortal followed suit in July. Tsjuder was actually among the first black metal bands I listened to, and hence was instrumental in furthering my interest in that genre. Though their first few albums weren’t particularly remarkable, 2004’s Desert Northern Hell was a vast improvement, showing that the band held a great deal of promise. Unfortunately, it was to be Tsjuder’s final album. In the wake of the dissolution, Members Nag and Desecrator formed a new band entitled Krypt. Judging from what little of their work I’ve heard, it seems to be very much in the old-school spirit that Tsjuder stood for.

The most recent of my favorite bands to go their separate ways was the progressive metal outfit Green Carnation, who dissolved only about a week ago. The band was brain child of Tchort, guitarist for Carpathian Forest and one-time bassist for Emperor. The break up came close on the heels of A Night Under the Dam, the band’s second live DVD. Green Carnation was working on their sixth LP (entitled The Rise and Fall of Mankind and slated for a late 2007 release) when the news broke. The album’s release may be somewhat delayed.

There’s only four months left in the year; hopefully we’ll be able to make to the end of the year without another quality band dissolving.


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