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Calling shenanigans on iPhone buyers

Everyone in the industrialized world knows by now that Apple lowered the price of it’s vaunted iPhone from the original $599 to a more affordable $399 on the 5th of September. Almost immediately there was an outpouring of indignation from those iPhone owners who bought their phones prior to the price drop. Apple, ever appreciative of it’s dedicated fan base, announced the next day that those same customers would receive a $100 gift certificate, redeemable at any Apple Store. Charitable, yes, but Steve Jobs and company are still coming out $100 ahead on the whole deal.

Not that I’m particularly sympathetic to those early birds, mind you; I think $200 is quite a reasonable price to pay if one is hell-bound and determined to lay their hands on the latest and greatest wonder of the telecommunications world. Besides, if you were willing to lay down $600 of your (possibly) hard-earned money at the time of the iPhone’s launch, getting the most out of your money probably wasn’t among your to priorities, much like all those impressionable fools who waited in line for hours on end just so they could get and Xbox 360 or a PS3 (products as equally overpriced as the iPhone, I might add). When it comes to technology, price drops are inevitable. The sensible consumer is always better off waiting a few months before jumping on the bandwagon for the next best thing. I imagine that a large part of that $599 price tag was the distinction of bearing the Apple name, to boot.

The bottom line is that if you think you were screwed over by Apple because the iPhone is less expensive now than when you first bought it back in June, you weren’t. You were really just too naive not to buy into the hype. Steve Jobs and the Marketing department at Apple are all laughing at you. But hey, look at it this way: at least you don’t have Windows Vista.


California is Burning

Well, maybe not California, but certainly Santa Catalina Island.

An orange inferno loomed behind the quaint crescent harbor, landmark 1929 Catalina Casino and homes, restaurants and tiny hotels clinging to slopes above the waterfront.

More information (and some damn good photos, to boot) at the New York Times.