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Contemplating a switch to blogger

I’ve been getting a little annoyed with the rigidity of the WordPress format, including the inability to customize the CSS of my blog. In addition, I haven’t been able to find a WordPress layout that I really liked–most of them are just too typical of the “Web 2.0” aesthetic for my liking. Of course, WP isn’t without it’s advantages; in my experience WP’s ability to keep track of stats is far superior to that of Blogger. I haven’t made anything official as of yet, but you can see the results of two hour’s tooling around with blogger here. I like the way it looks a lot more that what I’ve got here on WordPress. Still,for the time being, I’ll be sticking around WP. 


The Intricacies of Blogging

Creating and running a successful blog is a lot harder than one might think. I am finding this out rather the hard way. It is surprisingly difficult to come up with something interesting to say on a regular basis, much less a daily one, and I have to tip my hat out of respect for those who are able to do it.

This is perhaps why most bloggers will pick out a single topic and stick to it. Movies are a typical subject; it never ceases to amuse me how much people can find to say about movies. Video gaming is another popular topic, even if there is a considerable amount of rampant brand loyalty to be found from time to time. On a similar note, computing and gadgets in general tend to be popular as a source of content. Lastly, there are political blogs, which probably get the most attention.

But what is one to do when does not want to concentrate on a single topic, or cannot think of a topic on which to concentrate? In such circumstances, blogs such as mine arise. To be perfectly honest, I often have a hard time coming up with things to say (the dearth and brevity of my entries is no small indication of that.) Yet at the same time, I do want to say something. I am not a particularly outspoken person; I tend not to have strong opinions on most things (except when it comes to my own shortcomings, about which I could go on and on. Perhaps I should make a blog about self-loathing? It’s a better idea than you might think.)

I have to admit that a large part of the appeal of blogging lies for me in the visual design of a blog. This explains why I change themes on a nearly weekly basis: I just can’t seem to find a theme that really fits perfectly. I could always purchase the upgrade which would allow for fully-customizable CSS, but I need to generate some traffic before I can justify such a purchase. Yet to generate traffic, I need content, which brings me back right to square one.

At the very least, I finally thought of something to write about…