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Contemplating a switch to blogger

I’ve been getting a little annoyed with the rigidity of the WordPress format, including the inability to customize the CSS of my blog. In addition, I haven’t been able to find a WordPress layout that I really liked–most of them are just too typical of the “Web 2.0” aesthetic for my liking. Of course, WP isn’t without it’s advantages; in my experience WP’s ability to keep track of stats is far superior to that of Blogger. I haven’t made anything official as of yet, but you can see the results of two hour’s tooling around with blogger here. I like the way it looks a lot more that what I’ve got here on WordPress. Still,for the time being, I’ll be sticking around WP. 


A New Look

I’ve been getting increasingly bored with the overly-complex theme I’ve been using, so I’ve opted to exchange that one for a new, simpler theme. Hopefully some new content will follow…


I Never Knew That About Myself

Every once and a while there comes a time when I realize something about myself. These moment’s don’t necessarily occur all that often, nor are they typically Earth-shaking epiphanies, but they are moments of discovery, no matter how insignificant the discovery may be. I had one of those moments a few minutes ago. I realized that I’m attracted to women who like slightly mannish. This isn’t to say that I’m into mullet-toting militant lesbians (nothing could be farther from the truth, in fact,) but I do fancy ladies who seem to have a streak of masculinity to them. I realized this when someone posted a picture of a young Ayn Rand on a LiveJournal community, and I found myself thinking, you know what? I’d hit that.

What can I say? The short, dark hair just does it for me.