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Making it official

So yeah, after further consideration, I’ve decided to make the move to blogger official. You can now find all your favorite nothing over at Please update your links, bookmarks and what have you. Peace out, WP.


Contemplating a switch to blogger

I’ve been getting a little annoyed with the rigidity of the WordPress format, including the inability to customize the CSS of my blog. In addition, I haven’t been able to find a WordPress layout that I really liked–most of them are just too typical of the “Web 2.0” aesthetic for my liking. Of course, WP isn’t without it’s advantages; in my experience WP’s ability to keep track of stats is far superior to that of Blogger. I haven’t made anything official as of yet, but you can see the results of two hour’s tooling around with blogger here. I like the way it looks a lot more that what I’ve got here on WordPress. Still,for the time being, I’ll be sticking around WP.